Ten Ways COATS Makes Your Life Easier

Life is hard. Your staffing software doesn’t have to be.

Here are ten reasons COATS Staffing Software can make your life easier in the staffing industry:

1. Fully Integrated

All your data is in one place and easily accessible. COATS offers a one-stop interface for all the things you need to run your staffing business. COATS Staffing Software works seamlessly with your staff to ensure efficiency and links with MS Outlook, Word, Excel, and Crystal Reports.

COATS includes a fully integrated CRM, payroll and complete accounting and has multi-state, multi-branch, multi-locality capabilities throughout the entire system. Available options include online applicant entry, resume parsing and online job posting. Job listings can post automatically to Facebook, Indeed, Twitter and Simply Hired. Suddenly, your reach is increased and thousands of potential job candidates see your listings. Send free text messages to potential candidates and watch the phones ring; texting provides immediate contact with prospects so you never have to wait.

We also have Employee Onboarding and Portals.

2. Excellent layout and design makes us easy to learn and use.

COATS was first introduced in 1995 and seeks continuous improvement from our users and vendors to remain current with technology. COATS Visual is now available, with super easy to use and intuitive dashboards, multi-functional grids, and user-defined screens.

3. Personalize the layout to your daily functions.

Customize the dashboards to show whatever is most important to you: sales contacts, current AR, job orders to fill, employees to pursue. Move often accessed windows within COATS around on your screen or dual screens and save that layout to open each time. The COATS system works to fit your needs. You can also modify the background theme, fonts, and font size.

4. Candidate and client management from a single source.

Every step a candidate takes in their relationship with your company can be managed through COATS. There is no need to have multiple files and programs.

5. ACA Management Tools allowing for smooth compliance.

From the inception of the ACA, COATS has been committed to providing you with staffing software that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act. For a small fee, we offer a series of training seminars to keep you updated on the latest software changes. The class is also recorded for future viewing. We also cover all COATS aspects of the ACA for 1095C and 1094C xml filing as a service at no additional fee.

6. Complete Payroll Management.

Put the calculator away. COATS generates all the necessary payroll calculations: overtime, vacation, holiday, non-tax, other pay, direct hire billing, garnishments and tips. Then, it generates all billing from the same data. COATS integration means payroll information is automatically compiled in Accounts Payable for related liabilities and Accounts Receivables for client billing. Profit & Loss review at the touch of your fingertips. Automated time and attendance, as well as Pay Cards, can save you a fortune too. Smooth, seamless, powerful, efficient—ever thought you’d think of payroll in those terms?

7. Resume Management for easy searching when you need help the most.

Uploading a resume for parsing could not be easier. We interface with Sovern Engine where scanned resumes can be uploaded or MS Word documents can simply be dragged and dropped. The software does the rest. With one click, your candidate’s important, searchable data fields are populated into COATS, making it a snap to find that right candidate for the client who needs support today. Add the candidates from the resume system that you want to employ directly into COATS where the information auto-populates to save data entry time.

8. Dashboards and Employee and Client Files for quick review of information accessed often.

Review data quickly with our advanced dashboards, available in graphical form. Also, all the information you need on one screen makes employee management a breeze in the employee file. Not just the usual contact info, but an employee’s education, job history, resume, and skills are easily accessible. With one click, you can see an employee’s payroll history, previous assignments, special tax considerations, work authorization clearances, schedule or availability. Finding the best candidate has never been so easy.

You can also track your history with a client or prospect, from the initial contact all the way through invoicing. And since invoicing is our favorite part, you can see a client’s complete accounts receivable history on one screen in the client file. Also, never fumble for department contacts again; it’s all right there. Need to know who is working and where? Just click to find out which candidates are assigned to a client’s facility right now. Plus, amazing turnover reports that are sure to wow.

9. Electronic On-Boarding saving time and money.

As an add-on feature, we offer electronic onboarding, which allows the new hire packet to be entirely digital. Your staff, within COATS, can register the employee to complete the new hire paperwork online. The employee will receive a registration link where they can complete an initial form that will populate the necessary fields on each of the new hire forms within the onboarding process. The employee will complete each unique form and sign electronically. Onboarding can be completed either from their home or at your office computer station. Once done, the staffer will finalize their I9 and complete the onboarding process. The Staffer at any time can go back to view the employee’s new hire forms. If the staffer needs to register, review, view, or have access to any new hire forms completed via Electronic Onboarding, they can access the forms from within COATS.

10. Outstanding customer service – we live inside this industry daily.

Whether it’s an on-site installation, customization or self-install, we’re readily available to help and support. This includes training and free software updates. Our team stands ready to help from the simplest of software usage questions to let you know the latest impacts on the industry and software due to changes in the law. We believe in customer involvement, and we encourage feedback from all our users. Through the years, we’ve added hundreds of enhancements suggested by our users. Our “open ear” dedication with our customers is central to the quality of our system.

 By James Hoeft
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