Call-Em-All: Programming with the Next Generation

Call-Em-All has joined the CoderDojo movement by inviting the youth of North Texas to its offices for a child driven, mentor guided open workshop environment.

Aiming to give back, motivate, and inspire the new generation, Call-Em-All engineers have become mentors and introduced introductory programming concepts to the young mentees every other Saturday morning. There, the youth work on a variety of their own projects ranging from HTML, Javascript, and even using Unity to create their own games.

Through the many months of this initiative, the employees of Call-Em-All have found ways to help those outside the organization beyond automated text and voice messaging. Not only are the classes a way to introduce the next great programmers of the world to the countless possibilities offered within technology, they also showcase the good that a business can provide to its community and the difference just a few 0’s and 1’s can make.

To learn more, check out Call-Em-All’s CoderDojo page.