JobDiva Named a 2017 Top Rated Recruiting Software Platform by Software Users on TrustRadius for Second Year in a Row

JobDiva, leading global Applicant Tracking System and Talent Management solution, has been named a Top Rated Recruiting Software Platform by software users on TrustRadius, an esteemed research platform for business technology. Based on 32 in-depth reviews coming directly from users, JobDiva is the highest-rated recruitment software ranked by TrustRadius.

These ratings do not come from critics or tech experts, but rather from individuals who use JobDiva daily, meaning that they are based on a simple question: how much JobDiva boosts your productivity from day-to-day and hour-to-hour? The answer is unambiguous. Teams who use JobDiva make massive net gains in productivity.

“We are extremely proud to hear such high praise from our users. Receiving the Top Rated Recruiting Software award for the second year in a row means that JobDiva is an essential resource for the very people we set out to serve: recruiters and other professionals in the recruitment industry. We’re delighted that the fastest-growing recruiting companies continue to thrive on JobDiva’s innovations,” said Yana Nigen, Chief Marketing Officer of JobDiva.

TrustRadius users praised JobDiva for how useful it is for every facet of a recruitment company, from sales to the back office to, of course, recruiting. Users also celebrated JobDiva’s training and customer support teams, noting that they’re responsive as they are thorough, and everyone had his or her own favorite JobDiva feature. To take just three examples, these included the mobile app, the aggregator technology and our high-powered system reports.

At JobDiva, our primary focus is to improve the lives of those recruitment professionals who rely on our software as their platform of choice; we hope to help people get more accomplished in less time. In light of this momentous award from TrustRadius, it is clear we are succeeding. To learn more about JobDiva, visit