AMGtime Integrates with QuickBooks, Streamlining Workforce Management

AMGtime has recently joined the QuickBooks App Store, providing a simple solution for tracking time and attendance data and transferring for payroll and billing, seamlessly into QuickBooks

The recent addition of AMGtime into the QuickBooks App Store will provide organizations with efficient and robust solutions for connected time and attendance. With this seamless integration, employers can synchronize employee data to QuickBooks immediately for payroll and billing. AMGtime’s solutions include software available on both the cloud and PC, top of the line biometric hardware, mobile apps, specialized industry solutions and much more.

“Our goal is to simplify the day to day task of labor management, by combining forces of a strong time and attendance system like AMGtime, with QuickBooks. We are providing customers with better options, without sacrificing efficiency,” said Tony Galstyan, CEO of AMGtime. QuickBooks is the number one accounting software solution for small business, simplifying the process of payroll, invoicing, billing, and payments. AMGtime is seamlessly integrated with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise.

Using AMGtime’s integration with QuickBooks allows companies to:

  • Automate tracking and transferring time and attendance data from AMGtime into QuickBooks, and save time by eliminating manual data entry for payroll processing
  • Eliminate buddy punching and reduce the possibility of errors by having the option of using a variety of biometric devices, mobile apps, ID cards, or web/PC clocks
  • Effortlessly import employee data from QuickBooks into AMGtime
  • Customize AMGtime solutions depending on each organization’s specific labor management needs, and be able to access data from anywhere, and on any device
  • Use specialized industry solutions within AMGtime (such as Skilled Nursing Facilities, Staffing Agencies, Manufacturing, and more)

AMGtime has also set up a referral program for all accountants recommending AMGtime – helping both their clients and themselves by simplifying the process of labor data and payroll. Accountants receive commission for just recommending AMGtime.

Current customers of AMGtime are qualified to utilize the seamless integration, while new users can sign up today with a free 30-day trial, and begin synchronizing employee time and attendance data to QuickBooks. Visit the AMGtime page in the QuickBooks App Store for more information. With AMGtime and QuickBooks together, the possibilities are endless!

About AMGtime
For over 24 years, AMGtime has provided organizations with easy to use and flexible time and attendance products and services, including software available on both the cloud and PC, top of the line biometric hardware, mobile apps, specialized industry solutions, HR & payroll integrations, and much more. AMGtime’s solutions are customizable and adaptable for basic to complex configurations, simple to implement, and inexpensive, providing organizations with the highest level of efficiency and ROI. For more information about AMGtime, visit

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