Bullhorn Announces Cloud-Based Middle Office Strategy to Provide Enterprise Recruiting Companies with Front-to-Back Solution

New Suite of Middle Office Solutions Will Handle Invoicing, Contract Management, Expense, and Time Processing, Connecting Award-Winning Bullhorn Front Office to Back Office GL and ERP Systems

Bullhorn®, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, today announced its commitment to building a comprehensive, cloud-based middle office suite to provide enterprise recruiting companies with a new level of payment and billing flexibility. Bullhorn’s middle office solutions will address complex contract and rate management; time/expense collection, processing, and approvals; invoicing; cash application; and commissions. As a true front-to-back offering, it will connect Bullhorn’s incredibly configurable applicant tracking system (ATS) and CRM platform with leading back office general ledger systems. It will also integrate with custom ATS/CRM packages developed by staffing firms with specific needs. As many large staffing firms are developing their strategy to move back office to the cloud, Bullhorn is committed to filling the critical middle office gap for its enterprise clientele, as it has successfully done for SMBs through its Bullhorn Back Office product suite. By nature of this advancement, firms can benefit from both the best front office software and the best middle office solution together in one integrated suite from Bullhorn.

The workforce management space is undergoing a period of unprecedented transformation. Large buyers of labor are looking to staffing agencies to support new ways of managing the tasks, projects, and deliverables associated with a changing workforce landscape, in addition to leveraging on-demand workers and seeking to embrace newer labor models such as statement-of-work (SOW). While enterprise staffing agencies are absolutely up to the task of helping their end-user clients navigate this new world of work, they need greater flexibility in billing and time solutions in order to deliver better service and maintain competitive advantage.

Bullhorn has long been committed to providing cutting-edge time and expense solutions for the recruitment industry, releasing Bullhorn Back Office in 2013. Bullhorn recognizes, however, that while these solutions are ideal for addressing the front to back needs of small-to-medium size recruiting agencies, Bullhorn’s enterprise clientele have a different set of requirements – ones that no solution on the market currently addresses well. Existing solutions on the market targeted for the enterprise are either a) being dissolved, b) prohibitively expensive, or c) not cloud-based. Working very closely with some of the largest enterprise staffing firms in the world, which Bullhorn counts as customers, the company is committed to helping definitely solve the long-discussed “enterprise front-to-back challenge” within a single, unified platform that is comprehensive, cloud-based, and cost-effective.

“At this pivotal time in the evolution of the labor market, we see our customers looking for new and innovative ways to manage their workforce solutions,” said Rob Waddell, CIO at Apex Systems, a longtime Bullhorn customer. “Bullhorn’s enterprise customer CIOs have collaborated to identify the most important solutions that Bullhorn can address for us in the market, and the consensus is that its focus on flexible billing, invoicing, and payment models will help our customers more effectively manage their workforce continuum. With Bullhorn’s commitment to these kinds of solutions, we all stand to gain potential efficiencies that also further protect the quality of our pay/bill transactions and revenue streams.”

“The enterprise recruiting landscape has changed,” said Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn, “and we are taking proactive action to ensure that our customers navigate this transition without missing a beat. We have successfully provided back office solutions to staffing SMBs for the past four years, and have created the most comprehensive and powerful front-office recruiting platform in the world – the Bullhorn ATS/CRM. But what Bullhorn prides itself on is creating and evolving solutions that address the needs of staffing agencies at every stage and of every size. Our enterprise clients need and deserve a middle office solution that enables them to pursue new workforce management models and profit from those models – and that’s what we’re here to solve and provide.”

About Bullhorn

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