AkkenCloud Launches Inbound Referral Management for Staffing and Recruiting Agencies

Today, AkkenCloud officially announced the release of Inbound Referral Management, the staffing and recruiting industry’s first application designed to help agencies empower and motivate their employees to find and refer top quality candidates for their available positions.

While the contingent workforce trend keeps gaining momentum, the ability for recruiters to fill open jobs in a timely manner has become a huge challenge with unemployment rates so low. AkkenCloud is helping its customers leverage word of mouth marketing to discover new talent, while rewarding their employees for referring friends within the Inbound Referral Management application, which makes the introduction in a seamless, easy-to-track way.

“We are very excited to help staffing and recruiting agencies solve their biggest challenge; finding quality candidates without spending a fortune,” said Giridhar Akkineni, CEO and Chief Architect of AkkenCloud. “Inbound Referral Management can help staffing and recruiting agencies reduce their sourcing costs by 75%, while generating new candidates for their clients, increasing their temporary employee loyalty, and making more profitable placements.”

At a time when improving profitability is a top focus for staffing agencies, harnessing the power of referrals will soon become a key component to your business. It is estimated that traditional hiring and sourcing costs range from $4,000 – $18,000 per new hire, depending on the position. Referral fees for the same quality candidate however, would generally range from $100 – $1,000. The savings are game changing.

“We continue to innovate, staying ahead of the where the market is going next,” said Akkenini. “Inbound Referral Management offers AkkenCloud customers the luxury of letting our fully-integrated front and back office solution work on behalf of their agency, their employees, and their temporary staff, empowering an extended team of motivated brand agents.”

AkkenCloud is releasing Inbound Referral Management at The American Staffing Association’s 51st annual Staffing World Conference and Exposition, at McCormick Place in Chicago.  For more information visit booth #707 or http://www.akkencloud.com/solutions/inbound-referral-management/.


About AkkenCloud:

AkkenCloud is the most comprehensive, enterprise, cloud-based platform available for staffing and recruiting agencies, built to streamline front office, inter office, and back office workflow. With the use of the AkkenCloud platform, customers have seen an increase in efficiency, placements, and profitability. Managing over 14.8 million candidates and 33,000 users within one platform, the size and success of AkkenCloud customers continue to grow daily. Please visit http://www.akkencloud.com/ or call 1-866-590-6695 to learn more about AkkenCloud.


Media Contact:

Terri Simonson
Marketing Manager