BrightMove Creates First Usage-based Applicant Tracking Software with Daily Pricing; Gives All Organizations Opportunity for Rich Features Available to Big-budget Business

The Essential ATS plan with low-per-user, day-to-day-usage pricing is unique to staffing industry

BrightMove, a pioneer in cloud-based recruiting software solutions, has introduced a low-per-user, day-to-day-usage applicant tracking software (ATS) pricing plan to provide a new option for budget-conscious organizations.

Daily costs – therefore, monthly costs – vary under the new BrightMove ATS Essential plan, depending on: the number of users and active jobs; career portal usage; and the amount of storage used for jobs, applicants and contacts. The Essential plan’s daily pricing is:

  • Users – $.25 per user (1 user keeps account open, at about $7.50/mo.)
  • Career portal – $.25 per portal
  • Storage for jobs, applicants, contacts – $.10 per block of 1,000, per category
  • Open jobs – $.05 per job

The beta version of the Essential plan was announced in February under the name CM (consumption model).

Reaching underserved and virtually unserved markets

“There’s such growth in small staffing companies and independent recruiters that could use what ATS offers to help make them successful,” said David Webb, BrightMove’s cofounder and CEO.

“This underserved market, as well as the virtually unserved market of seasonal hirers, nonprofits, and many small businesses, should have the same tools that deeper-pocketed enterprises have to help them hire right and hire fast. That’s why we developed the Essential plan.”

TalentYeti, a start-up staffing company in Jacksonville, Fla., area

“We use BrightMove ATS under the Essential plan for recruiting, business development and candidate intake; we use it to raise brand awareness and push jobs on social media,” said John Perton, TalentYeti cofounder and managing partner. “We are literally using it to run our business on a day-to-day basis.”

Perton continued: “It absolutely streamlines the hiring process and boosts efficiencies through the roof. We just hired someone who hopped on a BrightMove new-user training call around 1:00pm and by 6:00pm he’d submitted 28 candidates to a job we had open.

“That’s productivity on day one.”

Kooky Canuck, award-winning eatery with two Tennessee locations – one in downtown Memphis and one in suburban Cordova

“We knew we had to move our searches to the online arena,” said Terry Trim, director of operations for both restaurants. “And BrightMove had a cost-effective way for us to enter the 21st Century and ‘the cloud.’

“We were surprised at how many applicants the system produced as soon as we went live. In the first two weeks we had more than in the previous whole year. And the first 20 led to three new hires.

“This plan is perfect for independent restaurants and small chains,” Trim continued, adding that he never thought that Kooky Canuck “could afford a staffing system comparable to those used by large enterprises.”

Trim has recommended BrightMove to other restaurants.


About BrightMove
Founded in 2005 by IT recruiters who created their own software because what they needed was not on the market, BrightMove delivers ATS as Business Process as a Service to businesses of all sizes, serving end users in a broad spectrum of industries with a number of pricing plans. Its advanced platform runs on Amazon Web Services with 99.99 percent uptime and processes about 5,000 transactions per minute in peak hours. Its application servers’ average mean response is about 25ms, not even a tenth of the time it takes to blink an eye. Process driven, highly efficient, quick to respond, and able to seamlessly scale to customer demand, the company is committed to delivering technical innovation through customer feedback, called “The BrightMove Promise.” Customers on Capterra give BrightMove 4.5 out of 5 stars for ease of use and customer service. For a comparison of the Essential plan with other BrightMove ATS plans, go to