Bullhorn Announces Integration Partnership with Relias’ Clinician Assessment Solution, Prophecy, to Drive Greater Efficiency for Healthcare Staffing Agencies

Integration Continues Bullhorn’s Investment in Healthcare Segment and Commitment to Delivering Value for Healthcare Staffing Agencies

Bullhorn®, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, today announced that it has integrated the Healthcare Edition of its flagship applicant tracking system (ATS) and CRM platform with Relias Learning’s Prophecy, a holistic assessment solution offering clinical, situational, and behavioral insights validated to predict nurse success. The integration, spearheaded by Bullhorn, will drive considerable efficiencies and productivity enhancements for Bullhorn’s healthcare staffing agency clients who leverage the Prophecy assessment tool.

The partnership, featuring an integration currently in beta with select customers, will provide immediate operational efficiency benefits to Bullhorn’s and Relias’ joint customers, which include leading healthcare staffing companies such as CoreMedical Group and Fusion Medical Staffing. The integration also reflects Bullhorn’s dedication to serving the needs of healthcare staffing agencies, an initiative first announced with the launch of Bullhorn for Healthcare at Engage 2017. In the three months since the solution was introduced, Bullhorn has already signed 18 new healthcare agencies as customers, including Vero RN and Pacific Companies Inc.

Due to the complex and skills-intensive requirements around clinical workers, healthcare staffing firms placing such workers in jobs rely heavily on skills assessment testing. The workflow to manage this, while straightforward, is nonetheless extremely time-intensive if done manually: sending assessments to candidates; ensuring the assessments are completed in time for client deadlines; and verifying that candidates actually pass the tests. For the sake of individual recruiter effectiveness and aggregate business efficiency, healthcare staffing firms need a fast and intuitive software to deliver this functionality.

Bullhorn’s new seamless integration with Prophecy allows healthcare staffing firms to deliver skills assessments and track assessment progress and results from a streamlined, clean interface designed to maximize recruiter and organizational productivity. The Bullhorn-Prophecy integration provides healthcare recruiters and firms with improved accessibility to skills assessments, visibility into assessment status, and centralization of data for greater operational efficiency.

“We’ve been really embracing technology and integrations to their full advantage to make as many of our processes as seamless and efficient as possible,” said Karen Nicolls, Director of Quality Assurance at CoreMedical Group. “Being able to schedule and view results for the Prophecy exams and skills through the Bullhorn ATS is just another piece of the puzzle put into place. As a healthcare staffing firm with a lot of joint commission-specific requirements, it makes our processes so much easier to manage and helps my staff remain efficient. Not having to leave the ATS for our onboarding, testing, and skills is a huge timesaver.”

“We have been utilizing both Bullhorn and Prophecy as essential functions of our business and are excited to see the two working together,” said Bridget Weber, Executive Director of Operations at Fusion Medical Staffing, LLC. “We are committed to providing quality healthcare professionals to our clients in a timely manner and this new feature will help us continue to meet that goal. In this fast-paced recruiting industry, being able to consolidate our work flow to one location, such as Bullhorn, will increase our efficiency and improve the overall process for our team.”

Specific benefits to recruiters include:

  • Streamlined and easy accessibility for front-office staff, and improved efficiency the firm

o   Skills assessments should not be a burden to send and manage. Recruiters who already live in Bullhorn for other front-office activities can now leverage Prophecy directly from the Bullhorn interface.

o   Recruiters can search or browse Prophecy’s unparalleled selection of assessments and customized bundles, and then send them to clinical workers, all without leaving their Bullhorn window.

o   An intuitive, clean interface allows clinical workers to navigate to and from anywhere else in Bullhorn with a minimal number of clicks and effort.

  • Visibility into assessment status to maximize individual recruiter productivity

o   The integration offers a full current pending/completed assessment list, including at-a-glance visibility into assessment status, date sent, date completed, and score.

o   Recruiters can sort and filter to view only the tests relevant to their needs (low-scoring, incomplete, old, etc.)

o   Recruiters get one-click access to full assessment results, including score breakdown by subject area, comparison with national/company averages, and more.

  • Centralization of data for operational efficiency

o   With the Prophecy integration, Bullhorn becomes the single cross-functional destination for all relevant candidate qualifications, including credentials and skills assessments.

o   The integration eliminates uncertainty about test status or details when someone is unavailable, leaves the company, etc.

o   Staffing firms deal with fewer IT issues from having fewer platforms, logins, and other variables to juggle.

“Finding and retaining quality clinical talent is an opportunity for a competitive advantage, but can be a challenge for many healthcare organizations,” said Alex Osadzinski, Chief Marketing Officer at Relias. “We’re thrilled that Bullhorn, with its expertise and presence as the de-facto applicant tracking system for the staffing industry, is showcasing its commitment to healthcare recruitment agencies by integrating with Prophecy, the only holistic assessment solution designed specifically for the healthcare industry.”

“We are excited to be working with Prophecy to better serve our healthcare staffing customers,” said Gordon Burnes, Chief Marketing Officer at Bullhorn. “Managing the recruitment process can be difficult, but with our support for Prophecy, recruiters will have a more streamlined experience to move faster and meet hospital hiring needs with the right candidates. We continue to be committed to investing in our offerings for the healthcare staffing market, and this announcement is a testament to that commitment.”

About Relias
Relias helps over 6,000 organizations and 3,000,000 professionals across the continuum of healthcare to reduce variation in the care that they provide, with the goals of better outcomes and improved financial performance. Relias does this by providing data analytics, assessments and personalized, prescriptive learning to support evidence-based care decisions and actions, and to provide education and training that drives sustainable behavior change tied to performance improvement. Learn more about Relias at www.relias.com.

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