Avionté Staffing Software Acquires TKO Systems & Support

Avionté Staffing Software announced that it has acquired TKO Systems & Support. The acquisition, which closed on the 1st of December, will enable TKO customers to take advantage of the technology innovations and platform efficiencies of the Avionté Solutions Suite.

Avionté, a leader in technology solutions to the recruiting and staffing industry, announces the acquisition of TKO Systems & Support, a provider of front and back-office staffing software, based out of Holbrook, New York.

TKO has been a trusted and recognized provider of technology in the staffing space for over 30 years, providing a software platform with seamless integration from onboarding to payroll.

“We at Avionté are truly excited about entering this next chapter with TKO and its customers. The opportunity to help the staffing firms in the strong TKO community further improve their growth and profitability is an honor.” said Karl Florida, CEO of Avionté.

The acquisition followed an extensive evaluation designed to ensure that Avionté will offer the right technology platform and tools to meet the needs of TKO customers, while enabling them to become more efficient and to build competitive advantages that drive growth. The TKO staff immediately transitioned to become Avionté employees, and will continue to support customers on the TKO System from Holbrook, New York.

“After exhaustive evaluation of many available options, Avionté was the obvious choice for our business and our customers,” said Gary Miller, President of TKO. “We are extremely honored by the degree of loyalty our customers have shown us over the years and want to say thank you for the great relationships that we have enjoyed. We are excited about what this acquisition will mean for TKO customers, as Avionté not only values long-term partnerships, but also offers one of the most forward-thinking and evolving technology solutions in the market.”

This is the third staffing software acquisition by Avionté in the last 18 months. This transaction followed the recent acquisition of Applied Systems Technology, which was completed in June of this year.

About Avionté
Founded in 2005, Avionté offers a commitment to staffing paired with excellent technology. With this commitment to employees and customers, Avionté delivers a best of breed product, with a fully integrated front and back office staffing software system, a full suite of reports and metrics, compliance management, a robust partnership program and on-the-go mobile response.

About TKO
TKO Systems has been providing technology solutions to the staffing industry since the 1980’s and has been known for its end-to-end solutions, long-standing commitment to the industry and customer centric approach.


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