LASSO Launches New Electronic Signature Solution

LASSO Signature, a new e-signature product within LASSO’s workforce management platform, enables customers to obtain mobile signatures from crew right from the same system they use to on-board, schedule, manage and communicate with them –

LASSO, a leading provider of workforce management technology solutions, today announced the launch of a new electronic signature product, LASSO Signature. This new solution which operates seamlessly within LASSO’s robust workforce management platform dedicated to helping companies manage their contingent, mobile workforce, allows customers to obtain mobile signatures in order to streamline the on-boarding process and simplify on-going policy management.

“At LASSO, we are constantly innovating and coming up with new ways to help our customers automate their labor workflows and simplify processes for their crew and staff,” said Angela Alea, president of LASSO. “LASSO Signature helps customers establish an exceptional experience for their crew, right from the very start. By gaining the ability to obtain mobile signatures during the on-boarding processes and beyond as policies and documentation change, LASSO customers are able to obtain higher engagement with their crew as well as increased retention.”

LASSO Signature allows customers to electronically complete, review, and sign documents – right from the same system they are using to schedule them, communicate with them, manage them and more. Customers are able to save both time and money during the on-boarding process and after as new policies and documents are created. The system makes it easy for customers to track the progress of all paperwork, at all times.

“Obtaining signatures from crew members that are constantly on the move is a challenge,” continued Alea. “Especially if you rely on manual processes for collecting and managing new hire paperwork and other important documentation. Our goal with LASSO Signature is to streamline that process and make it as painless as possible – on both sides.”

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