AMGtime Launches Payroll Wizard for Simple and Quick Export Customization

AMGtime’s hottest new tool, Payroll Wizard, simplifies and expedites the process of custom payroll exports, straight from AMGtime’s advanced time and labor management system

AMGtime recently released the transformative Payroll Wizard for customers using AMGtime solutions for time, attendance and scheduling. Obstacles often arise when a company uses proprietary HR solutions, or their payroll software suddenly updates data input requirements. In addition, some organizations have specific and uncommon reporting needs. To solve for these challenges, AMGtime has developed a flexible and adaptable solution, the Payroll Wizard. With this solution, administrators can create export files based on their real-time requirements. (Click here to try AMGtime and Payroll Wizard free for 30 days.)

AMGtime already offers seamless API integrations with select payroll and HCM software, which include QuickBooks, Xero, CloudPayroll and more. AMGtime has also built out payroll exports for over 120+ payroll providers, such as ADP, Paychex, Sage and Ceridian. However, AMGtime’s quest for ease and efficiency has led them to create a third option. Keeping in mind that not all desired exports for payroll or proprietary software are readily available, the Payroll Wizard has been developed to allow users the option of creating and saving their own data export files directly from the system.

Existing users of AMGtime software will have full access to the Payroll Wizard. From there, managers can quickly include custom elements and create the desired export file with just a few clicks. All prospective clients of AMGtime will automatically be provided the Payroll Wizard upon signing up.

Try the new Payroll Wizard today!

About the Company
AMGtime is a national leader of time, attendance, and scheduling solutions used for workforce management. In addition to customizable and scalable software on both cloud and PC, AMGtime offers a variety of biometric devices and mobile applications. AMGtime is recognized as a preferred partner across multiple industries such as skilled nursing, staffing, and construction, due to their innovative industry specific solutions. With an open API, AMGtime can be bridged with payroll, HR, and other external software solutions. AMGtime’s offerings are customizable and adaptable for basic to complex configurations, and simple to implement, providing organizations with the highest level of efficiency and ROI.