The Staffing Super Store set to Launch at ASA Staffing World

After three years of Beta testing and build out mode The Staffing Super Store, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, is set to launch their retail site at The ASA’s Annual Convention and Expo, Staffing World, October 16th – 18th in Washington DC.

The Staffing Super Store is the only 1-Stop-Purchasing-Shop for the Staffing Sector.  An A-Z supplier for staffing and recruiting companies of every size, offering goods and services at bulk rates typically reserved for large publicly traded firms or franchises.

Providing everything from Apparel, Background Checks, Drug Screens, Office Supplies, Promotional Items, Receivables Management and Safety Gear, with no commitments or minimum orders.

The idea was born out of frustration and the time spent to source everyday and one-off items needed for clients, especially if those items are required for employees to report to work.  The Staffing Super Store set out to simplify the ASAP process to: One Website, Password & Invoice.

For example, a new client requires your employees to pass a background check from Puerto Rico, a 14-panel saliva drug screen with adulterants, wear an orange T-shirt with two toned stripes and gloves that have the ability to work with touchscreens.  Typically, that could require 3 to 4 searches, just as many website logins, passwords and pop-ups.  The Staffing Super Store has combined all of those steps on one website or with one phone call.

“Our goal is to simplify the supply chain, reduce costs per hire and level the playing field for smaller staffing companies, especially those in rural areas, who don’t have the purchasing power, and in some cases access to big box retailers.” said Dave Cormell, CEO of The Staffing Super Store.  “With 18 years of staffing experience, we get what you need and why you need it ASAP…Your suppliers should never be a reason a position goes unfilled.”

The next phase of development will be opening additional US distribution centers in each time zone and launching The Staffing Super Store’s Enterprise Suite next year. The Enterprise Suite will be comprised of services that require executive level approval, such as Digital Marketing, Workers Comp, Funding, Software, Website Development and Legal Services all on one website.