Temp Agency Software – TempBuddy Redeployment Tops 75%

Firms Using TempBuddy Redeploy 75% of Workers in Multiple Bookings Compared to Industry Average of 40%

TempBuddy Resets Benchmarks Enabling Staffing Firms To Exceed Industry Metrics

Erecruit’s contingent workforce software and worker app, TempBuddy, today announces that users place on average 75% of their workers in multiple assignments, compared to an industry average of 40% as reported by the Staffing Industry Analysts.

The enhanced redeployment is achieved through real-time availability and communication facilitated by the worker app. By taking a candidate-centric and mobile-first approach to help staffing firms get their best workers to the right place in record time, TempBuddy enables them to deliver the next winning GigE service. With an average of 97% of job orders filled with redeployed workers, firms simultaneously enhance the candidate experience and the quality of service provided to their clients.

This better engagement also provides faster fill rates and faster response to client needs, with an average time-to-fill of 10 seconds for staffing firms in the US, and 14 seconds for EMEA. For the US 76% of job orders are filled in under 60 seconds, whilst across EMEA 66% of bookings are assigned workers in under a minute and 84% in under 5 minutes.

Roderick Smyth, Founder & CEO, TempBuddy, and Chief Strategy Officer, Erecruit, comments: “these statistics evidence how TempBuddy revolutionizes the temporary recruitment process with better targeting and automated workforce engagement leading to a paradigm shift in the relationship between the ratio of recruiters to orders filled. We are redefining what good looks like and helping recruiters get more out of every working day by being far more productive. Agencies gain competitive advantage by automating laborious tasks, which is critical in skills-tight labor markets such as education, or where volume scheduling and shift management is required such as hospitality and industrial.”

Extrapolating the figures means that staffing firms who redeploy only 40% of their workers would need to attract and onboard up to an additional 700 workers to fill every 10,000 job orders. This increases their operational and candidate attraction costs, makes quality of service to clients difficult to maintain and reduces profit.

“Candidate experience is widely talked about in the recruitment industry, with many grappling to know how to enhance worker engagement” Smyth continues. “Finding people the jobs they want, in close proximity to their location through geo-tagging, and saving them the hassle of paper timesheets through digital biometric time capture, all deliver on the candidate experience promise. By automating laborious tasks agencies gain competitive advantage, which is critical in skills-tight labor markets such as education, or where volume scheduling and shift management is required.”

Earlier this month TempBuddy released a new version of its app that allows workers to indicate their availability for split shifts and multiple time intervals in the same day. This daily multi-shift availability feature increases their chances of finding job opportunities, and a staffing firm’s ability to fill job orders for their clients.

For those wanting to take a look at TempBuddy, Erecruit is exhibiting at the UK’s major trade event, RecExpo Birmingham 3-4 Oct, and in the US at Staffing Industry’s GigE Dallas 4-5 Oct and ASA’s Staffing World Washington DC Oct 16-18.