Shiftboard Releases Compliance Automation to Help Enterprises Address Growing Laws

Shiftboard, a global leader in workforce scheduling, today announced the release of a new offering to help customers automatically maintain compliance with an increasingly complex set of labor laws, union rules, and employment policies across federal, state and local levels. Shiftboard’s “Compliance Pack” helps address the growing concern for many organizations of schedule compliance and accuracy by monitoring individual employee contracts and credentials, tracking certifications, licenses, seniority, and workload balance, then automatically excluding non-compliant workers from being scheduled.

“With labor laws on the rise, enterprises are looking for solutions that provide peace of mind knowing their workforce scheduling is compliant with the latest regulations,” said Dorothy Pults, Shiftboard’s director of product. “By automating the schedule compliance process, we can help businesses reduce the time and managerial resources needed to create compliant schedules.”

Shiftboard’s Compliance Pack begins with the system’s ability to automatically perform conflict checking of each employee’s specific contract dates and job-related credentials, licenses, health and safety certifications, or other occupation-specific requirements. With enterprise organizations scheduling their large workforces weeks or months in advance, Shiftboard’s technology can now identify employee-specific contract or credentialing conflicts which may lapse before the shift is complete, blocking managers from scheduling that employee, improving overall schedule compliance and resource efficiency.

To address schedule compliance within an organized workforce, the latest Shiftboard release also allows companies to create seniority preferences within their automated scheduling process, which then automatically offers preferred shifts to the most senior workers. For union-represented workplaces that rely on seniority to determine worker status, rank, or preference — which leads to better shifts, pay, and benefits — this is a critical feature to support strong relations between corporations and labor.

Finally, aimed at improving workplace safety and boosting workers’ productivity while reducing burnout and fatigue, Shiftboard’s Compliance Pack helps employers ensure adherence to mandatory rest-periods between shifts. Managers can now set mandatory rest-periods, so workers such as nurses, truck drivers, or heavy machine operators that don’t meet their rest period requirement are automatically excluded from shift consideration.

Unlike traditional workforce management solutions that focus on salaried employees, Shiftboard was designed and built specifically around the hourly worker. Shiftboard customers report an eight times payback on their investment due to Shiftboard’s automation of key workforce scheduling operations including labor forecasting, workforce readiness, worker availability/qualifications, backfilling, time and attendance, reporting and analysis, and integration with payroll and other back office systems.

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