Smarter Recruiting and Sales-Lead Generation for Staffing and Recruiting Firms: Haley Marketing Reveals Four New Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services

Haley Marketing, the leading website development, social and recruitment marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, recently launched four high-performance pay-per-click advertising services. Ideal for both recruiting and sales, these programs can help staffing firms attract better applicants, generate high-quality leads, dominate search results and stay top-of-mind.

In their continued efforts to help staffing companies recruit more qualified applicants, generate high-quality sales leads and dominate search results, Haley Marketing, the largest website development, social and recruitment marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, just launched four new pay-per-click (PPC) marketing services. Ideal for both recruiting and sales, these high-performance PPC programs use advanced targeting methods to make digital ads appear where employers and job seekers spend time online, including Google Search Engine, Google Display Network and Facebook’s News Feed.

Four New PPC Packages 
Online search and advertising are rapidly evolving; sourcing qualified candidates, generating leads and staying top-of-mind with the right employers and job seekers takes specialized expertise, application of best practices, and ongoing program refinement. To serve clients’ changing needs in such a dynamic and competitive environment, Haley Marketing’s performance marketing specialists have designed four new PPC advertising services. Each is designed to achieve specific recruiting, sales, visibility and branding goals – by delivering the right message, to the right audience, at exactly the right time and place:

Recruiting PPC Campaigns. 
Haley Marketing has developed three recruitment advertising campaigns to target active and passive job seekers. 

  • The “Employment Branding” campaign uses Google Display Network and Facebook advertising to target active and passive job seekers based on their interests, specific job titles and content.
  • The “Active Job Seeker” campaign uses Google Search Network to target active job seekers seeking specific types of employment.
  • The “Survive Indeedmageddon” campaign uses Google Display Network to target display advertising to people who have visited specific job sites and other related websites.

Sales Lead Generation. 
For firms looking to grow the client side of their business, this campaign drives inbound sales leads using Facebook-sponsored content and Google Display Network to target staffing decision-makers, and then leverages remarketing to keep the staffing company top-of-mind.

Beat the Competition. 
Created specifically for firms in high-competition markets, this campaign is ideal for maximizing online visibility and engagement, as well as outranking and stealing traffic from competitors. This campaign uses Google Display Network to target visitors to specific company websites, including the sites of direct competitors.

Designed to target, engage and convert employers and job seekers who have already shown interest in a client’s firm (including website visitors, employers in a client’s CMS and individuals in a client’s ATS), this campaign has two options: one to re-engage and place candidates, and one to generate sales leads.

Taking PPC in Staffing to a New Level 
According to Haley Marketing CEO, David Searns, “These new PPC campaigns are going to be game-changers for our clients – providing innovative and cost-effective ways to drive significantly more response from Google and Facebook advertising for both sales lead generation and recruiting. While the services are less than a month old, the initial results have been dramatic.”

About Haley Marketing Group 
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