TRICOM Marks 30 Years of Serving the Staffing Industry

TRICOM, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI, is excited to announce its 30th anniversary of serving the staffing industry as a premier provider of administrative and financial solutions. TRICOM was founded in October 1989 by a group of staffing industry professionals who felt there was a better way for staffing companies to receive administrative and financial solutions. TRICOM offers a full range of services including payroll financing, a total staffing administrative solution, payroll analysis and processing, professional receivables management, accounting services, and more.

Since its inception 30 years ago, TRICOM has exclusively served the staffing industry and has helped hundreds of staffing companies exceed their goals through their Total Staffing Administrative Solution, consolidation of data, Staffing Executive Business Suite of reporting tools, and subject matter expertise.

“TRICOM is thrilled to celebrate this anniversary and share our gratitude for all our industry clients and partners who, through their business and support, have helped us to achieve this goal,” said Julie Ann Bittner, TRICOM President / CEO. “We recognize that we could not have reached this milestone without their treasured partnerships formed throughout the years. As we look to the future, we will continue to focus on sharing our experience and expertise, as well as on our ongoing efforts to develop programs tailored to meet each of our client’s specific needs and goals. We could not do this without our great TRICOM team members, many of whom have been with TRICOM for decades.”

TRICOM will be celebrating their 30th anniversary throughout the coming year with special giveaways at industry conferences and events, as well as hosting their 2019 Client Conference this September in Milwaukee, WI where they have invited industry experts from across the U.S. to share their insights with TRICOM clients and partners.

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TRICOM offers a full line of staffing administrative and financial services unmatched by any other provider. By offering consolidation of data and a Staffing Executive Business Suite, coupled with our unparalleled staff expertise, our services allow staffing owners to focus on growth — without worrying about compliance, billing, payroll, or other issues that keep them up at night.

Julie Ann Bittner
President / CEO


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At Tricom, we handle all the “stuff” that bores, irritates, and keeps staffing execs up at night. As a top provider of financing and administrative services exclusively for the staffing industry, we differentiate ourselves in 4 distinct ways: Total Staffing Administrative Solutions – We offer a comprehensive portfolio of administrative solutions for staffing firms of all sizes. For our clients this means a one-stop shop approach and a single point of accountability for critical functions, all at cost neutral or even better compared to in-house. Consolidation of Data – Because we handle all admin operations, Tricom offers our clients unparalleled access and insight to their business data. This results in convenient, quick access to highly accurate data needed to make critical business decisions. Staffing Exec Business Suite – While our clients have access to unprecedented information about their business, all that data can be overwhelming. That’s why Tricom has developed a monthly business analytics suite containing the most critical information staffing owners and execs need to make the best decisions for their business. Subject Matter Expertise – Tricom has a team of experienced subject matter experts that not only work on our client’s business, but are available at any time for client questions or consultation. Our clients have access to a level of expertise across a variety of areas that they would not be able to afford having on staff. Additionally, it provides owners and executives with the peace of mind that they have experienced subject matter experts working on their business, particularly in areas they may not be as familiar or comfortable with. Our breadth of admin solutions is unique to the industry, and allows our clients to focus on growing their business without worrying about compliance, payroll, billing, and other issues.