Bullhorn Closes the Loop Between Vendor Management and Applicant Tracking Systems

Bullhorn Enhances VMS Sync with Submittals Functionality, Helping Staffing Agencies Automate Recruitment Processes from Start to Finish

Bullhorn, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, today announced a new enhancement to its existing Bullhorn VMS Sync solution that will allow companies to submit candidates from an ATS into a VMS. Bullhorn VMS Sync, first launched last year and formerly known as Fyre Sync, will now allow companies to close the loop by automating both the capture of jobs from a VMS and also the submittal of candidates to fill those jobs.

The combination of functionality in Bullhorn VMS Sync creates a “closed-loop” integration between applicant tracking systems and vendor management systems and facilitates full-scale automation of VMS processes, enabling agencies doing high-volume placement to dramatically reduce manual work and execute more quickly than competitors.

Customers in closed beta are excited about how VMS submittals functionality will improve their productivity and reduce costs of pursuing job orders delivered through VMS. Jennifer Shorr, Assistant Vice President at The Jacobson Group, noted: “As a longtime Bullhorn client, we were thrilled by the opportunity to partner in beta testing a new product. We already utilize and see the value of Bullhorn VMS Sync in increasing our speed to service in the VMS business. The VMS submittals functionality has taken that speed and put it into hyperdrive, and it also allows our staff to spend more time nurturing candidate and client experiences. Shifting the time and focus from data entry to relationship building and delivery of great service is what will set us apart in this crowded market space.”

Mitesh Ashar, SVP of Product Management, thinks that closed-loop VMS-ATS integration changes the game in high-volume recruitment: “There’s no doubt about it – working VMS jobs has traditionally been tough. Our customers are used to living in Bullhorn and doing everything they need to do in a single system. Having to bounce between various VMS solutions, copy and paste reqs and enter data manually is a productivity killer. Those days are over. Recruiters won’t need to log into a VMS – they can stay in Bullhorn the whole time. This means that they can spend more time sourcing candidates and building relationships, submit faster, make more placements and generate more accurate data for reporting and intelligence. It’s seamless and it’s core to our mission to create an incredible customer experience.”

The use of vendor management systems by large buyers of labor has necessitated a shift in operational models at staffing agencies. Before the advent of VMS automation solutions, staffing agencies working VMS job orders had to employ entire teams of workers who were tasked with scanning for new reqs posted to multiple VMSes, copying and pasting details from those reqs into an ATS manually, distributing them to a sourcer or recruiter, and eventually copying and pasting candidate details from an ATS back into the VMS.

For high-volume, often lower-margin work on which many staffing firms compete and for which the first one to hit “submit” wins, this slow and error-prone process costs firms time and money. Furthermore, consultants reluctant to work time-consuming VMS job orders often cherry-pick reqs to pursue, leading to misleading agency-wide metrics reporting and delegitimizing the data in an agency’s ATS.

Bullhorn is a purveyor of start-to-finish recruitment process automation, and a closed-loop integration between ATS and VMS ensures that consultants start the search process in their ATS and end it in their ATS, increasing adoption, improving data quality and actionability, and giving leaders insight into organizational performance.

Bullhorn’s combined VMS automation capabilities makes an agency’s ATS the single source of truth by automatically importing and updating job records into the ATS and then pulling submitted candidates from the ATS back into a VMS – usually within 10 seconds or less – so agencies can outpace and outperform the competition as their people focus on work that matters. With the closed-loop ATS-VMS integration from Bullhorn, agencies can:

  • Gain a competitive edge over firms that still manually manage VMS jobs
  • Increase submittal volumes, placement volumes, and fill-rates
  • Drastically reduce the cost of managing VMS updates manually by eliminating manual errors and the need to copy-paste
  • Save consultants 5-20 minutes of data entry time per req
  • Get real-time, time-stamped visibility into metrics like submission to hiring manager response, time to first submit, submit to offer, and time to placement

The closed beta program for the VMS submittals functionality is in early preview by invitation only, opening up in Q4 of 2019. General availability is expected in early 2020. Bullhorn’s best-of-breed VMS Sync product is already used by 135 staffing companies, and also features specific functionality for healthcare staffing. Marquee healthcare staffing companies including AMN Healthcare, ProLink, and Randstad Healthcare use Bullhorn VMS Sync.

For more information on Bullhorn VMS Sync, please visit: https://www.bullhorn.com/products/vms-integration/?LS=public_relations&lsd=vmsrelease

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