JobDiva Announces Promotion of Yana Nigen to Chief Growth Officer Role

 JobDiva, the global leader in Applicant Tracking and Talent Acquisition technology, announced today that Yana Nigen has been promoted into the position of Chief Growth Officer (CGO). As the Chief Growth Officer Ms. Nigen will expand JobDiva’s reach into new markets, promote JobDiva’s brand on a global scale and lead and expand organic growth.

JobDiva’s Yana Nigen Named as Chief Growth Officer
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Yana Nigen has been named JobDiva’s Chief Growth Officer. In this position, she will drive global growth.


Ms. Nigen is a recent recipient of the Golden Bridge Awards 2019 Woman of the Year in Business & the Professions award and a finalist for the Women in IT 2019’s Editor’s Choice Award. She is an industry veteran with 20 years’ experience igniting and driving innovation in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. During those two decades, she has deployed cutting-edge data analytics, marketing and advertising technology and built high-performing and creative teams.

Now, as CGO, she will work to drive new streams of growth for JobDiva. In her prior role at JobDiva, as Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Nigen gained deep insight into the growth strategies that are required in the digital age. She will now embed that knowledge across the organisation and externally, bringing together data, media and creative branding. As CGO, Ms. Nigen will work across marketing, sales, finance and R&D to deliver growth.

“We are excited to promote Yana into the role of Chief Growth Officer,” said Diya Obeid, JobDiva’s CEO and Founder. “As JobDiva scales in automation, robotic technology and AI-native products and services, it’s crucial to have a trusted leader focusing on growth.”

Ms. Nigen will leverage her marketing and business acumen and digital expertise to drive and promote growth for JobDiva. Additionally, she will use data analytics and intelligent technology—much of it powered by JobDiva’s software solutions—to further JobDiva’s agile global expansion. She will seek new pathways of growth and shore up existing ones.

“I am honored to have been named JobDiva’s Chief Growth Officer,” said Ms. Nigen. “As JobDiva expands its reach and range of products, it is critical to educate as many people as possible about the tremendous Talent Acquisition benefits and Candidate Engagement capabilities JobDiva brings to businesses and people across the globe.”

JobDiva is the global leader in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Applicant Tracking technology, delivered as an AI-powered SaaS solution to the staffing and recruitment industry.

Alec Niedenthal
Lead Copywriter, JobDiva
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