JobDiva Announces Implementation of E-Verify’s V30 Modernization, Weeks Ahead of Deadline

JobDiva is glad to announce the release and implementation of E-Verify’s V30 Modernization, several weeks ahead of the deadline.

JobDiva is a pioneer in E-Verify partnership, having helped the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) debug some of its early features and releases. JobDiva has partnered with E-Verify since 2016, and the V30 Modernization represents a deepening of that partnership.

With E-Verify’s V30 Modernization released, JobDiva’s clients will have access to new features and a more modern interface. Notable changes include: automatically closed Employment Authorized (EA) cases; dual Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) results for the DHS and Social Security Administration (SSA); the ability to scan and upload a passport photo digitally; the ability to create draft cases before submitting a case; and more.

“JobDiva has been a leader in integrating E-Verify directly into our groundbreaking platform. We are proud of our continued partnership with the E-Verify program,” said Diya Obeid, JobDiva’s CEO and Founder. “This year’s E-Verify Modernization is an exciting refresh and redesign of E-Verify’s technology. It is a delight to offer these innovations to our clients way in advance of the deadline.”

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Alec Niedenthal
Lead Copywriter, JobDiva
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