Career Collaborative Announces Move to 100 Summer Street

In a time of escalating commercial rents, Bullhorn donates state-of-the-art office space as part of its long-time partnership with the organization

Career Collaborative, the Boston-based non-profit that works with adults age 19 and up looking for quality jobs with benefits so they can build careers that change lives and strengthen families, has announced that it will be moving its headquarters in downtown Boston to 100 Summer Street. The move, effective February 3, allows Career Collaborative to remain in downtown Boston, a location vital to its work, at a time when commercial real estate rents in the city are skyrocketing and non-profit organizations are being forced to use more donor dollars for office space.

The new headquarters has been donated to Career Collaborative by Bullhorn®, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, whose founder and CEO, Art Papas, serves as Chairman of Career Collaborative’s Board of Directors. The space, located within Bullhorn’s corporate headquarters, offers a dedicated operating space and state-of-the-art amenities in a downtown location that remains central to Career Collaborative’s service area.

“As a non-profit organization in this real estate market, we faced the difficult choice of devoting funds better used in our programs to the rapidly climbing rents in downtown Boston, where we can best serve the people who need us,” said Susan Yule, President and CEO of Career Collaborative. “We feel incredibly lucky to be moving into Bullhorn’s state-of the-art office space, allowing us to remain in downtown Boston without taking resources away from our core mission of strengthening families and changing lives through jobs and career advancement.”

“Our relationship with Career Collaborative is a deep one; our work as volunteers over nearly a decade has had an ongoing positive impact on Bullhorn’s company culture,” said Art Papas. “We have also had success hiring a number of program participants in several departments, including HR, tech support, and finance, and in fact are celebrating a one-year anniversary for two of them in the coming months. It is only natural that we should step up to share our office space with Career Collaborative, and we look forward to welcoming them in their new headquarters.”

About Career Collaborative
Career Collaborative works with adults age 19 and up in the Greater Boston area looking for quality jobs with benefits. Since 1998, Career Collaborative has helped over 2,500 individuals build careers that have changed lives and strengthened families. Today, Career Collaborative is an established, workforce development organization providing comprehensive career-development services: group and individual help with job search, intensive post-employment coaching, and supportive services. To learn more, visit

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