MVP Staffing Taps WorkLLama to Deliver Automated Candidate Engagement, Social Referral Management, Onboarding and On-Demand Shift Management

WorkLLama today announced it has partnered with leading light industrial staffing firm Workflex, LLC, which most notably does business as MVP Staffing, to deliver automated candidate engagement, social referral management, talent onboarding and on-demand shift management. With eight locations across six states, MVP is leveraging the WorkLLama platform to streamline and scale branded communications, extend brand reach and connect its workforce with jobs that match their career goals, meet shift needs and keep up with evolving client demands.

“WorkLLama’s powerful technology coupled with their understanding of MVP’s business are a winning combination,” said MVP CEO Stuart Nitzkin. “Since we went live in late 2020, we’ve been able to eliminate time consuming administrative tasks from our recruiters’ plates, freeing them up to focus on building relationships with our talent. WorkLLama makes it easier for our candidates to apply for jobs, communicate with us and refer friends to us – whether they’re on their phone, tablet or web browser. And, our customers are happier because they’re getting high quality, more engaged candidates with lower turnover. Since implementing the WorkLLama app, we’ve seen a 15% increase in applicants across the board.”

MVP went live with WorkLLama, which was integrated seamlessly into its Bullhorn applicant tracking system (ATS), on Nov. 1, 2020. Mobile first and customized for MVP, the WorkLLama app delivers consistent, branded experiences for candidates to apply for jobs, receive job alerts and push notifications and engage with their talent community. Via the app, MVP is able to:

  • Connect with candidates on their preferred devices with two-way, omni-channel, MVP-branded messaging.
  • Keep applicants updated, talent communities engaged and referral sources informed with strategic automated workflows.
  • Reduce administrative burden of optimizing messages and measuring performance.
  • Use surveys, polls and Net Promoter Score (NPS) to collect feedback, build trust and improve candidate and client experiences.

In the app, candidates can refer qualified friends and share jobs via social media, text or email, helping MVP build its talent community and extend its brand reach. Soon, MVP will be implementing WorkLLama’s AI conversational bot to further nurture and grow candidate relationships.

We are thrilled to partner with an innovator such as MVP,” commented WorkLLama CEO Sudhakar Maruvada. “The WorkLLama platform is so well suited for high volume recruiting. Our aim is to deliver a rich experience and make it seamless for candidates to apply for jobs, communicate with recruiters and peers and refer friends, thereby bringing efficiencies into the recruiting process. Our app is also ideal for the customized, segmented communications that MVP requires for many of its customers.”

MVP puts between 1,000 and 1,300 people to work daily and will use WorkLLama to:

  • Complete time-consuming onboarding forms and processes via the MVP-branded WorkLLama app.
  • Push job notifications and get instant responses for workforce needs through the app.
  • Enable its workforce to manage shifts, update profiles and build their schedules from their device of choice.
  • Automate check-ins to keep pace with worker availability, engagement and satisfaction.
  • Encourage workers to refer friends and share jobs with the same app through which they’re picking up shifts.

“We recently received a call on a Friday night from a client letting us know they were opening up line work on Saturday,” commented Nitzkin. “In the past, we would have had recruiters rushing to call talent in multiple locations trying to fill those spots. With the WorkLLama app, we were able to push out one targeted communication to announce the openings and fill the spots with minimal effort. It was absolutely seamless.”

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About MVP

Since 2000, MVP Staffing, a division of Workflex, LLC, has been teaming up with businesses across the nation to manage their staffing needs. We dedicate ourselves to understanding our clients’ businesses and identifying the right solutions for them. The competition is stiff, but no one does it quite like us. MVP is committed to our clients’ success, and client satisfaction is our main goal. By developing a game plan to ensure productivity and operational stability, we allow our clients to devote more time and energy to the things they do best. Whether they need to staff a 24/7 production line, identify a C-Level executive, handle any or all of their back-office needs, process payroll or tackle worker’s compensation struggles, MVP is prepared to rise to the occasion.

About WorkLLama

WorkLLama is a talent community platform that helps companies leverage their brands to create powerful candidate, employee and client experiences. Its technology makes it possible to foster meaningful, more human connections with talent, leading to exceptional and inspired branded talent communities that fuel business success.

Corporations and staffing firms alike use WorkLLama to automate and optimize recruiting, engagement and staffing processes that put their brand at the forefront and center around the candidate. By doing so, they can build, nurture and grow a curated network of talent empowered to be brand ambassadors for their organizations.

The most comprehensive technology platform of its kind, WorkLLama drives digital transformation through social referral management; frictionless candidate engagement; Sofi, its AI-driven conversational bot; integrated, omnichannel communication; on-demand staffing; and direct sourcing solutions. For more information visit


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