Kevin Kilcoyne is Recognized for Ten Consecutive Years as a Certified Risk Manager

Congratulations to Kevin Kilcoyne of Barrow Group, LLC for being awarded a certificate of achievement in recognition of ten consecutive years of active affiliation as a Certified Risk Manager and a member of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. 

Becoming a CRM means the completion of 100 educational hours and five advanced courses covering all aspects of risk management and the passing of five rigorous examinations, along with advanced continuing education each year.   

With this designation, Kevin benefits staffing clients by understanding and mitigating potential risks, including operational, financial, and legal risks to garner the best possible outlook for their business. 

Risk managers identify and assess risks and figure out the best way to help their client companies limit these risks or avoid them if possible.  

Kevin is also a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and a Certified Staffing Professional, (CSP) and is the only work comp staffing professional with the CSP designation. 

Kevin Kilcoyne serves on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Staffing Association.