Anatomy of a Modern CRM for Staffing Companies

There are new business technologies hitting the market every single day. So how do you know which technologies are right for you and your staffing firm. When it comes to a CRM for staffing companies, there are a key features you need to keep your business running smoothly and ensure your team has everything they need to close deals fast.

Key Features of a Modern CRM for Staffing Companies

Personalized Dashboards

With the technology available to us today, we all expect speed. We don’t want to go digging for information – we want information to get to us in as few clicks as possible. Dashboards are a useful tool to see important information immediately and take action on it. Personalization of this feature is also key. Users need the ability to customize their Dashboard to make it relevant and useful (and dare we say fun) for them to use!


To win sales, you have to meet your prospects where they’re at. In today’s world, texting is king. According to ZipWhip, 83% of people reply to text messages from a business within 30 minutes and 74% say they have zero unread text messages at any given time. That means texting is an extremely powerful form of communication and will actually get your prospect’s attention.

Robust Search Capabilities

Sales outreach is an integral part of winning deals and nurturing your pipeline, but this can also be a time consuming activity. A CRM for staffing firms needs to be primed with powerful search features to help your team quickly locate accounts that require outreach and send emails, texts, or calls with minimal clicks.

Integration with Networking Sites

What if you could prospect new clients with a single click? Manual entry is a thing of the past. In order to compete in today’s market, you need speed! Modern CRMs have integrations or tools used with networking sites like LinkedIn or Zoom Info to help you parse in prospect information with a click of a button. This saves time and eliminates potential error so you can prospect faster than ever.

To learn more about Avionté’s CRM for staffing firms, check out product videos here.