Staffing Benefits Leader Announces Partnership With a Leading Virtual Primary Health Care Provider

Insurance Applications Group, Inc. (IAG), a leading Insurtech developer of innovative, proprietary insurance products with enrollment and administrative technologies designed specifically for the staffing and temporary employment industries, is proud to announce the addition of PlushCare, a world class virtual primary care provider, to its popular Essential StaffCARE (ESC) benefits program. The inclusion of PlushCare further strengthens ESC’s delivery of usable, quality healthcare through virtual access to top-rated primary care physicians.

PlushCare’s virtual primary care services are available in all 50 states, providing access to same-day visits with best-in-class doctors through ESC’s new mobile benefit application. Unlike legacy telemedicine services where members are randomly connected to any available contract doctor, PlushCare provides repeat access to the same, dedicated virtual primary care physician. PlushCare’s physicians can treat a wide range of chronic conditions while providing the full primary care experience, including prescriptions, lab orders, and specialist referrals. At the enrollee’s discretion, their PlushCare physician can be granted access to an employee’s existing health records, providing members an even higher level of consistent medical care. In addition to virtual primary care physicians, ESC members will have 24/7 virtual connectivity to a care team of nurses and care coordinators that support them between doctors’ visits via unlimited text messaging.

“With a growing number of COVID variants increasing worker reluctance to go to a physical doctor’s office, ESC’s integration of virtual primary care leader PlushCare equips employers with a timely, much needed, and high-quality employee benefit. PlushCare maintains an astounding Net Promoter Score of 90, demonstrating “world class” customer service. This new ESC program enables employers to establish a technology-driven Employee Experience (EX) that will allow staffing organizations to recruit and retain top talent in today’s challenging hiring environment,” stated J. Marshall Dye III, Founder and CEO of IAG.

“COVID has also created an increase in mental health needs for our clients’ associates across the country. A surprising statistic is that primary care providers prescribe 79% of antidepressant medications, and see 60% of people being treated for depression*. Virtual access to primary care physicians for the treatment of depression and anxiety enhances the mental health benefits provided by ESC,” Dye continues.

Virtual primary care visits and other PlushCare services are covered under ESC’s Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan at no additional cost to employees.

About Essential StaffCARE

Essential StaffCARE (ESC) is a benefit program of Insurance Applications Group, Inc. (IAG).

IAG is an insurance technology company specializing in proprietary product and administrative solutions for the staffing, temporary employment, and other high-turnover industries. IAG has developed API and Multi-Tenant Architecture that enable it to provide benefit platform integration solutions for staffing companies’ onboarding systems, payroll service providers, HCM/HRIS platforms, and HR technology aggregators. ESC provides ACA-compliant health plans and supplemental employee benefits to over 2,500 staffing companies across the United States, and enrolls over 750,000 temporary employees in its benefit plans annually. For more information

About PlushCare

PlushCare has been pioneering virtual primary care since 2014 with a model that drives value. They improve access to affordable primary care, improve prevention and chronic condition management, and reduce low-value care. Their top-rated physicians provide longitudinal care in collaboration with a multidisciplinary care team, enabling patients to build trusted relationships for ongoing virtual care. In June of 2021, PlushCare was acquired by Accolade (Nasdaq: ACCD), the company that works with employers to deliver healthcare and healthcare navigation services to their employees. According to CEO, Rajeev Singh, Accolade acquired PlushCare “because of their purpose-built technology stack designed for primary care, for their incredibly talented physicians and sky-high customer satisfaction ratings, and for their mission driven management team that built an incredible company from scratch” For more information visit or www.