In Staffing and Providing Warehouse Workers? New Protections Are In Place.

DOL Rights for Warehousing & Logistic Employees

The Department of Labor took action to ensure that warehouse and logistics employees rights are protected both in terms of pay and rights.


Most are aware of the recent issues regarding the global supply chain over the last several months placing a large amount of strain on the industry and their employees.


Truck drivers and delivery drivers are included in this initiative as well as shipping & receiving, loaders, document clerks, guards, janitors and maintenance personnel essential to interstate activities.


Paid in full, protected from harassment and retaliation

The protections aim to ensure that all employees are paid minimum and overtime hours in full, that they are protected from harassment and retaliation in the workplace if needing to claim their rights and can take FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) time off as needed.


Employee or Independent Contractor

The United States Department of Labor website also shares that “the initiative will also target misclassification of employees as independent contractors, a common occurrence in both industries that denies workers their full wages and legal protections.”  The pandemic brought to light the tremendous importance that warehousing and logistics plays within the economy.  These essential workers provide food, medical supplies, housing materials and many other daily essentials to countless households.


California Warehouse Quota Law

In California and warehousing?  In September, last year, a new law was passed requiring employers to share with employees (within 30 days of hire) and government agencies their required production quotas and metrics. Employees can also not be terminated for not meeting this quota if they took a bathroom or meal break.

Some Amazon employees, for example, have noted issues with working conditions and management when quotas aren’t met and they take their breaks.  Conversely, The California Retailers Association sees the law as something that will worsen supply chain issues, will increase costs and eliminate some jobs.

The Division of Fair Labor Standards can be contacted at the agency’s phone number 866-4US-WAGE (487-9243) for more information.

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