RefAssured Announces Pre-Seed Funding Round led by Bullhorn Ventures

Walnut Creek, CA, January 11th, 2023 — Staffing Software startup RefAssured is thrilled to announce it has secured Pre-Seed funding led by Bullhorn Ventures, along with several other staffing industry entrepreneurs.

References are an enduring part of the hiring experience, and it is RefAssured’s goal to show staffing and talent agencies how to maximize the value of past performance insights from a candidate’s previous colleagues while building new client and talent relationships.


By replacing the clunky, often myopic experience of reviewing resumes and work profiles, RefAssured developed something more effective: gathering authentic data from objective participants. RefAssured has also streamlined the process and removed the cumbersome, manual aspect of sending, reviewing, and managing talent references and profiles.


When it comes to recruiting top talent, most industry professionals understand that nobody’s perfect, but there’s a real art to making sure someone is the right fit for a specific role and company. With smarter insights, staffing agencies can better assess a candidate’s strengths against specific areas of improvement, eliminate bias and busy work, improve the quality of hire, and drastically increase conversion rates.


Checking and cross-checking references using traditional, manual methods are time-consuming, costly, and rarely leads to truly insightful information about a candidate’s work history. By automating the process and supercharging data, RefAssured has transformed the way agencies search for and hire talent. Additionally, RefAssured’s platform enhances the networking opportunities of reference checking by presenting your agency’s services in a thoughtful yet targeted approach, generating new client and talent relationships. Early customers are seeing ~4% client lead generation and ~20% passive talent generation from reference givers. In closing, RefAssured’s reference checking automation delivers powerful past work performance insights with a tangible return on investment while greatly improving the candidate, reference giver, and client experience.


The investment will be used to accelerate RefAssured’s product development, deepen automation capabilities, advance integrations with partners, and expand its growing customer base.


Bullhorn, the global leader in software for the staffing industry, announced the launch of Bullhorn Ventures to invest in early-stage software companies with the potential to deliver unique value to third-party staffing and recruiting firms. In addition to financial investment, Bullhorn Ventures provides mentorship and other resources to help speed up the growth of promising companies.

Bullhorn Ventures is so excited to be an early investor in RefAssured, not only because of the product but also because of the team. The founders have domain expertise as both staffing business operators and staffing software providers, giving us confidence in the direction of their development. RefAssured is not just a tool for recruiter productivity, it’s a way to enhance connections throughout the recruitment cycle. The early feedback from the market reflects how well aligned the product is to the needs of the staffing industry. – Nina Eigerman, SVP of Alliances and Business Development at Bullhorn.

“Having grown up in the Staffing Industry, we’re excited to continue to work with staffing agencies and software partners to deliver meaningful improvements to talent and client experiences.” – Brian Vesce, CEO, Founder at RefAssured

‍RefAssured’s focus is the Staffing Industry, supporting customers ranging from regional to national staffing firms. Early adopters of the RefAssured platform are already seeing meaningful improvements to their ecosystem.


“RefAssured has already delivered by saving time for all stakeholders, providing far more accurate and transparent candidate insights, and becoming one of our favorite networking tools for generating new client and candidate relationships.” – Nikki Palmer Director, Technology Enablement at Aplin.


“With automation, RefAssured has enhanced all touch points within the hiring ecosystem, which as a result is improving our time-to-fill. There are very few tools, if any, within the staffing industry that benefit the candidate, hiring manager, recruiter, sales team, and compliance team. RefAssured checks the box of all five.” – Mark Lillig CEO at Cypress HCM, Inc.  ‍


About RefAssured

‍RefAssured is founded by staffing industry veterans. With a team hailing from Apex Systems, TEK systems, Cypress HCM, COMPAS Technology, and Avionte, our data-backed automated reference checking solution was built by industry experts with a deep understanding of niche recruiting requirements.


Passionate about advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, we are committed to bringing back the importance of professional references by creating an unbiased, trustworthy way to hire. Our focus enables staffing agencies everywhere to provide better information, results and hires.