Sheri Tischer Assumes the Role of President of the Board of Directors at MNRSA

The Minnesota Recruiting & Staffing Association (MNRSA) is dedicated to serving the recruiting and staffing industry through education, networking, and legislative representation. Recently, they announced Sheri Tischer as the new President of their board of directors. Sheri brings a wealth of experience, including 19 years in the staffing industry. 15 of those working directly in the industry and most recently as a supplier/partner to the industry. Her expertise spans sales, recruiting, operations, and people management.

“We are thrilled to have someone with Sheri’s expertise and experience in staffing leading the MNRSA Board of Directors in 2024.” – Deb McMillan, Executive Director

As President, Sheri will collaborate with the board to actively support policies that enhance the economy and create opportunities for Minnesota’s recruiting and staffing businesses. Her commitment is to tirelessly foster an environment that nurtures the growth and success of the staffing industry.

“I’m honored to take on this role as President of MNRSA and look forward to continuing to drive the great work this organization does to support staffing agencies in Minnesota.” – Sheri Tischer, President of the Board of Directors

About MNRSA:

The Minnesota Recruiting & Staffing Association is a statewide membership organization. MNRSA provides personal and professional development opportunities for members and their teams and valuable industry connections.  With a robust public policy program, MNRSA is the only organization in Minnesota advocating on behalf of the staffing and recruiting industry.

About Scale Funding:

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