Insight Worldwide waives new account activation and training fees and discounts annual partnerships for ASA staffing members in 2020.

In response to evolving employer needs and reopening efforts associated with COVID-19, Insight Worldwide has released new online and text to mobile pre-hire integrity testing to make applicant screening faster and easier. Legal and validated for the staffing industry, our proven tools allow employers within minutes to accurately identify applicants who place their business and their clients’ worksites at risk. Our immediate online or integrated results can reveal an individual’s own direct admission to workers’ compensation fraud, theft, violence, illegal or onsite drug use, and unexcused absenteeism. Employers face enough risk already, don’t let controllable risks endanger the success of your business’s continued success. Conduct a free consultation with one our professional HR experts today and align an accountable, cost-effective online solution to best protect your business today, and into the future.