Complimentary Consulting Session

ClearEdge Marketing believes in giving back to the community. Executives are offering complimentary one-hour consulting sessions to help you address some of the most frequently asked questions they’ve been receiving, from engaging a newly remote team to sales strategies in these uncertain times to best practices for virtual candidate marketing to appropriate social media responses and more. No strings attached. ClearEdge Marketing just wants to help businesses persevere through these difficult times.

Simply send them an email (, and they’ll take it from there.

Marketing Communications Hub for Talent Management Organizations Managing through COVID-19

ClearEdge Marketing created this hub of actionable resources to help businesses navigate the weeks ahead. Within it, you’ll find valuable information and guidance on pressing topics that are top of mind, such as social media response strategies and communications best practices. ClearEdge Marketing will continue to update these tools as events unfold.

IT Equipment Rentals & Tech Inventory – Ready to Ship

SmartSource® offers short and long term rentals for laptops, Macs, iPads and accessories. Extensive inventory for immediate deployment to any major market. Full tech support including 24/7 Help Desk, custom imaging, authorized Microsoft software, DOD wipe. Partnering with clients in Technology, Legal, and Medical staffing. 30+ years supporting IT outsourcing.


Deploy by Shiftgig: Extended Free Trial

We know times are incredibly challenging as we all manage through the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, it is critical that you keep your team and your workforce safe.

Shiftgig is offering free, extended trials of Deploy to support your agency as you adapt to working remotely. Our digital staffing platform allows your recruiters to manage operations from home and your workforce to browse and claim available assignments on their mobile phones instead of coming into a branch.

As we’ve all seen over the last few weeks, technology is a powerful tool to keep us connected, even while we’re apart.

TestGenius (a product of Biddle Consulting Group)

TestGenius Annual Licensing Special Offer

Annual licensing discount on TestGenius® skills testing software. TestGenius is an applicant screening program with remote testing capabilities featuring typing, clerical, financial, Microsoft® applications (Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Outlook®) assessments, and more. TestGenius contains a custom Test Writer, Validation Wizard for basic content-validation, and an optional Microsoft Office Training module.

AMGtime’s Offers and Updates in Response to COVID-19!

In response to COVID-19, we are offering a 10% discount on our facial recognition devices that are 100% contactless. We have updated our software as a solution to the Family First Coronavirus Response Act and also rolled out a thermal imaging camera to screen employees or visitors for fevers.


PandoLogic COVID-19 Talent Acquisition Grant

To help do our part, PandoLogic has established a fund up to $150,000 to be applied as grants to any qualified organization that urgently requires a boost to their workforce in support of fighting COVID-19. This grant will cover the cost of a recruitment advertising campaign while also delivering the most up-to-date data on the changing and dynamic talent demand, the latest cost per hire, the best sources for talent and the most effective way to campaign for the needed talent in this unprecedented market.

COVID Recovery (freebies)

FREE RESOURCES…NEW SERVICES…and DISCOUNTS ON DIGITAL MARKETING! Check out the COVID RECOVERY web page for on-demand webinars, recession-busting advice from Harvard Business Review, Bain & Company and more, and information on new, low-cost marketing services from Haley Marketing.

Stakeholder Communication Chart

It’s a good exercise to consider who all of your stakeholders are, what concerns they might have, and what key messages you need to communicate. Remember, how you deliver your message is just as important as what message you are delivering. As such, we’ve created a sample stakeholder chart to help with Covid-19-related communications.